RevelOne Marketing Jobs Tool

Finding jobs that are relevant for you is tough

Listings are fragmented across hundreds of sites and not organized how you would look for them. We created the RevelOne Jobs Tool to bring together over 3500 marketing and product jobs from 800 top companies in one place, with unique ways to sort and filter that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the Jobs Tool here.



It’s useful for…

  • Job Hunting if you’re actively looking for a job, it’s the only way to see marketing and product roles in one place searchable by company type and function.
  • Career Strategy – you can keep an eye on the market and see what roles and skills are in demand at what types of companies.
  • Competitive Intelligence – marketing and talent leaders can see what competitors are hiring for and watch trends in titling and roles.

How the Tool works Our list is set up the way marketers think about their careers. Are you looking for an early stage, fast-paced ecommerce startup where you can build things from scratch or do you want to scale lead gen programs at a larger company that is well on its way to becoming a winner? Filters

  • Title, Level, & Location – search by keywords and titles relevant to you and keep an eye on geography and commute
  • Vertical – find sectors that fit your passion, whether it’s education, cleantech, consumer retail, media, or analytics
  • Marketing Function – companies organize roles differently, we’ve created functional groups (brand, acquisition, lead gen) that let you filter by the areas of interest to you
  • Customer Type & Business Modelmarketing roles are driven by who the customer is and how the product is sold. We break out roles by B2B / B2C and created our own framework for go-to-market business models (SaaS, subscription, enterprise, e-commerce)
  • RevelOne Company stage – a company’s stage of growth and maturity is a huge factor in what it will be like to work there. We created our own framework around company lifecycles, Learn more about RevelOne company stages and our methodology.

Check out the Jobs Tool here