Is Your Data Broken?

Your Data Might Be Broken…And You Don’t Even Know It.


One challenge that I have consistently run into as a Marketing Leader and now a Marketing Consultant is bad data. The primary root cause of the issue is often broken data tracking, which is incredibly common given the pervasive “agile” development operating mindset, where new code is being pushed constantly to the site.

Unfortunately, many companies do not put the rigor in place that is needed to maintain high levels of tracking/data hygiene. When I was at eBay, we actually built out a full-time product management role, where their only responsibility was tracking/data hygiene. Not the most exciting role, but a very, very important role given the growing sophistication of the marketing discipline. What are some of the repercussions of bad tracking?

  • Bad reporting that leads to suboptimal marketing optimization decisions.
  • Flawed A/B testing that leads companies to make bad business decisions.
  • Broken segmentation, that results in the wrong segmented experiences being delivered to customers.
  • And many more.  

So, what should you be doing:

  • Executing regular audits around data/tracking hygiene.
  • Ensure that tracking is a consideration when any new code is pushed to the site.
  • Assign an owner over tracking/data hygiene.

The challenge is that most teams are already stretched, making it challenging to make an investment in that area (that has certainly been my experience). One solution is to leverage a company like Raybeam, a boutique Data & Marketing engineering firm who I have leveraged for years. They took on some of the biggest engineering challenges at eBay, and I have worked with a countless number of larger public companies and smaller private companies. I often use them just for data/tracking hygiene audits where they execute the investigation, and then they develop a comprehensive plan that is handed off to the product and engineering teams. In other cases, they have stayed on board to successfully execute on plans.

As you all know marketing is becoming more and more about the data, and that trend is not going to slow down…my 2 cents…take some time out to do a bit of discovery in this area, and please let me know if I can help out with anything.


Greg Fant
Managing Partner