Are your channel mix, investment level, and testing approach calibrated for company growth?

Are you analyzing the right metrics to optimize your marketing efforts?

Acquisition Strategy

  • Recommend staged, channel strategy and execute tactical programs
  • Focused investment in section of customer lifecycle that will yield biggest impact

Analytics, Measurement & Tools

  • Map out analytics requirements
  • Develop an insights-driven marketing operations dashboard
  • Recommend the best resources & tools to help accomplish your goals

High Level Diagnostic

  • Understand unique dynamics of your business model and its implications on marketing.
  • Analyze your “marketing math” such as Customer Acquisition Costs, Customer Lifetime Value, Return On Ad Spend, etc.
  • Assess marketing efficacy across user acquisition, activation, and activity

Engagement Strategy

  • Analyze customer engagement & churn to assess overall user “health”
  • Develop programs to improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn