Marketing Skills Map

Marketing Skills Map

RevelOne’s Skills Map outlines the universe of roles & skills found in a mature marketing department.

Leaders can use this tool in several ways:

  • Org Structure – Design your marketing department around the customer lifecycle and supporting groups. Consider the right size for each group depending on your business objectives and company stage.
  • Role Definition – The map has a comprehensive list of skills for each role – select the 3-5 most important skills per role to prioritize what’s most important.
  • Skill Portfolio Assessment – Review your team’s skills collectively vs the skills required to accomplish your goals to highlight gaps where you need to hire or to develop your people.

Marketers can use this as a map toward becoming a CMO or other leadership role. Identify your key strengths and the areas of depth or breadth you need to develop to accelerate your career.

Brand / Awareness

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Acquisition / Lead Generation


Engagement & Retention




Analysis & Operations