RevelOne Top Companies Tool

The RevelOne Top Companies Tool is a list of more than 1,200 high-growth companies, all funded by the top 25 Venture Capital firms. It provides unique and useful corporate insights for both company leaders and marketers alike.

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We created the RevelOne Top Companies Tool to help company leaders and marketers discover, track, and gain insight into leading high-growth companies.

Our tool provides direct access to a list of more than 1,200 companies — funded by the top 25 tech venture capital firms. All companies have raised meaningful funding, built out their teams, and are growing rapidly. 

Our tool includes company profiles with key information from financials to culture and Glassdoor — all in one place.

RevelOne Top Companies Tool

How Company Leaders Use This Tool

Company leaders use this tool for competitive intelligence and to gain insight on factors such as funding, investors, and growth stage. Leaders also use this tool to monitor employment trends such as roles competitors are hiring for, role titles, and top skills that are in demand.

How Marketers Use This Tool

Marketers use this tool to research companies they’re following or discover new high-growth companies based on the criteria that matters most to them. For example, marketers can use our custom filters to search by company size, office location, culture rankings, and more. The Top Companies Tool also connects to our Marketing Jobs Tool, where marketers can explore over 3,500 open marketing jobs at these top companies.

RevelOne Company Lifecycle Stages 

We also created a proprietary framework to categorize the stages of a company’s lifecycle. These 4 growth stages are meant to provide a sense of what to expect in terms of culture, risks and role/org definitions you’d encounter at a company at that stage.

RevelOne Company Stage - Traction


Found product-market fit and raised early rounds of funding to grow. Company is still exploring and testing marketing channels. You can impact overall strategy, wear multiple hats, and try new things, but be comfortable with less structure and rapid change. Equity has the highest upside potential (and risk) at this stage and you need to be flexible and adaptable.

RevelOne Company Stage - Flywheel


Shows real momentum and repeatable growth. These companies have passed business model risk and are developing the structure to support scalable growth.  Roles are starting to get more clearly defined. They have enough funding for near term security and experimentation. They may also be candidates for an early stage acquisition and have hurdles to clear before growing into a stand-alone market leader. Equity still has a high upside, and there are fewer significant risk factors.


Potential winners in a key market with massive funding. They have a realistic chance of becoming the next billion-dollar company. Your equity slice will be small but likely to have value, as exits are more common here. With hundreds of employees, your role will be specialized. The org may experience some growing pains as they develop structure, but opportunities for rapid advancement and brand value on your resume are high. You’re very likely to work with very smart people and expand your network.

RevelOne Company Stage - Winner


Clear leadership in a huge market. These companies are mature and run by seasoned executives who are building highly specialized teams. Roles fall into “traditional” functions, and processes and resources are in place. These companies are working to stay innovative and nimble despite their size. Some are public, and others have raised massive growth rounds pre-IPO. Unless you get there early, your equity likely won’t be life-changing, but they’re resume gold and filled with incredibly talented people.

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