Marketers Hiring Marketers

We’re experienced operators hiring across all levels (C-level, VP, Director, Manager)

Structured Campaign

Run like a marketing campaign with metrics across the entire funnel

Comprehensive Targeting

Target entire universe of qualified candidates

Full Transparency

Complete visibility into targeting and pipeline so we can optimize together

Recruiting is tough

  • Aggressive growth targets make hiring the right people critical, but sourcing and vetting consume massive amounts of time
  • The demand for digital marketers exceeds the supply
  • Many recruiters are stretched across functions and lack marketing expertise
  • Tech companies need marketing specialists who can solve complex challenges – finding them requires a specialist too

What are your top recruiting pain points?


Figuring out org structure

Clear role definitions

Identifying skill gaps


Time for sourcing & interviews

HR is focused on Engineers

Inconsistent interviews

What we don't do

Rely on luck

Reach out only to people in our network and hope we get lucky

Focus on referrals, which have lower quality selection bias

Sift through inbound with 95% noise

Run a Black Box Process

Submit candidates without having a nuanced understanding of their skills

Promise a “make believe” open-ended candidate universe

Quit when a search gets tough

Company Resources


Get Chapter 1 of our whitepaper Building a High Growth Marketing Organization on best practices for developing channels and teams in growth companies

Marketing Skills Map

Check out our  Marketing Skills Map to look at org structure and role definitions


Download an overview of our approach to smarter recruiting.