We’re passionate about helping marketers advance in their jobs and career paths. We provide ongoing insights, tools, and networks to help you reach your potential.

In an a rapidly changing digital landscape, where marketers at every level are specializing in order to stay current, where the demand for marketers exceeds the supply, and where effectively acquiring the right marketing talent can make or break a startups ability to innovate and stay ahead of competitors — it has become exceedingly difficult for internal HR teams or traditional recruiting firms to properly identify, attract, and vet the right marketing talent needed for success.

We started RevelOne in 2014 out of the frustration we personally felt while working with traditional recruiters who didn’t truly understand the nuances of marketing and as a result, proved to be less effective in recruiting marketers. We decided to build a specialized marketing talent firm that traverses the boundaries of traditional recruitment by partnering with CEOs to turn their marketing goals into an actionable talent plan. As marketers ourselves, we have a deeper understanding of marketing, which makes it easier for us [to design a long term org structure, define archetypes of talent needed, critically evaluate a candidate’s true capabilities, and be a far more effective search partner. Today, we are leaders in marketing talent recruiting and strategy — sourcing the best possible marketers at any level for the world’s most innovative companies.