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We're a specialized marketing recruiting and growth services firm that partners with high-growth tech companies to find the right marketing talent and strategy to unlock their potential.

RevelOne Recruiting Services

We traverse the boundaries of traditional recruiting by partnering with leaders to turn their marketing goals into an actionable talent plan. We use sophisticated company mapping techniques, innovative recruiting technology, and the largest network of marketers to ensure our clients achieve a distinct talent advantage. Unlike traditional search firms, we're marketers ourselves and have the experience needed to properly identify, vet, and close the best marketers.

What Sets RevelOne Apart?

Specialized in Marketing

As a marketing-focused talent firm, we've developed sharp pattern recognition that enables us to identify and hire the right candidates in an increasingly fragmented and specialized industry.

We've Been in Your Shoes

As marketers ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the nuances of different types of marketers, which enables us to better define roles and critically evaluate a candidate's true capabilities.

Recruiting at All Levels

As a retained search firm, we place CMOs and help them build out their entire team — from VPs to ICs.

Our Disciplined Process

We use a highly structured, data-driven, and fully transparent approach to finding and attracting the right marketing talent for our clients.

Define Role

We start with your business goals and the specific outcomes you need the person in this role to deliver; then we translate them into must-have skill requirements.

Revel Insight: Hiring success is often won or lost in the role scoping process, which is why we ensure you look for sets of skills that naturally nest together within candidates.


Within days of kick-off, we present sample candidates to confirm that we have a solid understanding of your requirements and the nuanced skills that are important to you.

Revel Insight: We look for marketers with a track record of success, such as rapid career progression and a great pedigree, but we also probe for analogous skills, “step up” potential, and other non-obvious candidate profiles.


Once we align on the most crucial skills, we use our expertise and tools to identify companies that are best known for producing people with relevant experience.

Revel Insight: We use our own database of 65,000 marketers and our proprietary company market maps to ensure all the best people are targeted — not just the ones we already know.


We develop messaging designed to appeal to marketers and we leverage both personal outreach and best practice multi-channel, multi-touch tactics to engage busy, passive candidates.

Revel Insight: We connect to marketers’ motivations and interests as their peers. We refine positioning and even A/B test subject lines and copy. Most importantly, we represent your talent brand as if it were our own.

Vet Candidates

We dig deeper in the vetting process, asking detailed functional questions and follow ups that separate the leaders and experts who drove results from those who just participated.

Revel Insight: We use behavioral questions that are specifically aligned to the outcomes you expect (e.g., "describe a time when you...") and then we probe into the details of how they did it, who was involved, and what they learned.

Engage & Close Finalists

We partner closely with you and engage with candidates throughout the process to bridge key questions and guide them toward a close.

Revel Insight: In a highly competitive market, passive candidates often start looking at other options once engaged by you. We help you recognize quality when you see it and project manage the entire process so you move quickly when the time is right.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We take pride in our contribution to the success of leading startups and tech companies. Most of our clients come from referrals or are repeat customers.

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