Who We Are

We’re seasoned operating executives who have led GTM teams for top tech companies across multiple verticals and stages. Today, we are leaders in recruiting marketing and sales at all levels — from C-level to Managers.

Our Story

Throughout our careers, we’ve built and managed high performance teams, and truly loved coaching and developing people. We’ve seen how Marketing & Sales have evolved to become increasingly specialized and that meant we were often disappointed when we worked with traditional recruiters. It was difficult for them to grasp role nuances and vet candidates effectively, and they often used a black-box process that overly relied on the people they already knew. These gaps can delay progress against critical growth goals, or even result in bad hires and business risk.

We started RevelOne in 2014 out of a desire to build a fundamentally better approach to talent. We saw an opportunity to serve as thought partners to our clients by collaborating on everything from org design and role scoping to full stack search.

Applying our expertise as marketers and operators, we’ve designed a more structured, data-driven, and fully transparent approach to search. We partner with CEOs and executives to turn their growth goals into an actionable talent plan. By specializing in Marketing & Sales, we have both deep networks and strong pattern recognition to help hiring managers identify the best matches. We regularly share best practices and market data across our community. We also develop long-term relationships with the best marketers and sales leaders so we can help them navigate their careers and find great opportunities.

RevelOne is a boutique, retained marketing & sales recruiting and strategy firm. Our mission is to empower leaders and their organizations to reach their full potential through their people.

Our Core Values


We know what you’re going through — and we’re here to help.

As marketers ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes and we know how to tackle your unique challenges. We’re a true partner who invests in relationships and puts your interests at the forefront of everything we do.


We take ownership in our work, and pride in what we deliver.

We are determined, relentless, and accountable for your success. We execute a transparent and structured process that drives results through expertise, data, and hard work.


We are fueled by curiosity that drives new thinking and solutions.

We strive to continuously enhance our expertise and thought leadership, challenge ourselves to grow, and learn from both our successes and failures. We relish opportunities to rise to the challenge of solving complex problems in creative ways.


We communicate fearlessly to ensure the best ideas win.

We maintain a supportive environment that allows for constructive feedback and vigorous debates. We are open and transparent within our team and with our clients — enabling new approaches and achieving the right outcomes.


We are more effective because we tackle challenges together.

We work closely together as a team to pool our expertise, crack tough problems, and leverage our collective networks to gain an edge over our competitors and better support our clients.

Our Team

For bios of our co-founders, leadership and entire team, click here.

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