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RevelUp: New Hire Impact Program

The first 100 days of any new role are critical to success. We recently launched RevelUp, a program to support our new hires by leveraging our experience as operators to help them achieve impact faster. RevelUp has been so well received by our clients that it is now included free as part of our search services and is a unique differentiator for RevelOne.

In the last several months, we’ve helped new marketing leaders in several key ways: as a sounding board for strategies or new ideas; assistance with major challenges & reducing risks; advice on org design and role scoping; referrals to vetted freelancers, agencies, & MarTech; and connections to the best subject matter experts to accelerate learning on key decisions.

Thought Leadership: RevelOne’s New Research on the Top B2C Marketers

We’re finishing up a detailed research project analyzing the characteristics of the Top B2C Marketers at successful VC-backed startups.  The findings are fascinating, but they also have implications for our executive search clients as the research dispels several myths. It suggests where search strategies can be expanded to include more candidates from non-obvious pools. Like in the movie Ratatouille where “a great artist can come from anywhere,” top marketers come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

 We will release the top-level findings through a series of articles publicly, but details and ad hoc answers to specific questions will be shared with our VC and PE partners and our clients. 

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