RevelOne Marketing Skills Map

Our Marketing Skills Map is designed to help company leaders and marketers identify the skills they need to succeed.

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We created the RevelOne Marketing Skills Map to help marketing leaders successfully hire teams as well as marketers who are thinking about their own careers. Our tool outlines the universe of roles and skills found in a mature marketing department.

How Company Leaders Use This Tool

How Marketers Use This Tool

Start by finding your current role on the map below and see what skills you still need to master. Next, think about what adjacent areas to develop in order to reach your goals for your next role. Those skills might relate to other functions or channels, or they might involve the skills you need to progress in level like managing people, owning external partner relationships, or overseeing budgets and planning.

Brand / Awareness

RevelOne Marketing Skills Map - Brand / Awareness

Acquisition / Lead Generation

RevelOne Marketing Skills Map - Acquisition / Lead Generation

Engagement & Retention

RevelOne Marketing Skills Map - Engagement & Retention


Product Marketing

Analysis & Operations

RevelOne Marketing Skills Map - Analysis & Operations


RevelOne Marketing Skills Map - Creative


To all job seekers, whether you’ve been displaced from your job or looking for a new opportunity, fill out this form to be added to the RevelOne Talent Marketplace. It’s a free tool to connect marketers with companies that are hiring.

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