RevelOne B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Org Chart

Structure your B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Org using our sample org chart including sales executives and roles in key functions.

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Designing your B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales org requires careful consideration of today’s needs as well as the needs of the business in the next 12-18 months. It takes time to find the right talent, based on both their specialties and fit with the company’s business model and life stage⁠ – so it’s critical to plan your organizational design accordingly.

In our RevelOne B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Org Chart, we identify major departments including Sales Development, Direct Sales, Indirect Sales, Sales Engineering, Post Sales, Sales/Rev Operations, and the key roles that support them. We also include goals and considerations to help you think about how to customize your team to fit your unique company and growth. For example, Sales/Revenue Ops can report to the Chief Sales Officer, or some orgs have a shared Revenue Ops team that reports to a CFO, COO or CRO.

Designing the Right Org for Your Business

Every business is different and has its own nuances around customer segments, product offerings, and market maturity. Our dedicated Sales and Revenue Practice brings deep functional experience to organizational design. We partner with clients to develop holistic talent strategies and business-model-specific org designs. We have assisted in building teams for clients including BazaarvoiceBolt, and Trustly. Our B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Org Chart is a great tool to start with as you embark on building out your sales org. If you still have questions or are looking for more support, feel free to contact us directly for custom org design advice.

RevelOne B2B SaaS Enterprise Sales Org Chart

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About RevelOne

RevelOne is a leading marketing and sales advisory and recruiting firm. We do 300+ searches a year in Marketing and Go-to-Market roles from C-level on down for some of the most recognized names in tech. For custom org design, role scoping, and retained search, contact us.

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