How to Decide Which Company is Right for You

12 June 2019

Important criteria and questions to help marketers pick the right company to work with.

Company selection is a critical part of your success and, unfortunately, you only have a handful of chances to get it right over your career. As a specialized marketing talent firm, RevelOne has a deep understanding of what it takes to match the right candidates with the right companies. We also understand the difficulties candidates face in deciding which company to join.

This article offers important criteria you should consider when choosing a company to work with. We also provide information on a tool that collects insights on top companies in the country that will help you make more informed career decisions.

Criteria and Questions to Help You Choose a Company

When you work for a great company, you gain access to meaningful opportunities, an invaluable network of smart people, and compelling financial rewards. It’s a decision that should be strategic and well thought out.  Although we can’t promise we will help you pick the next Airbnb, we can provide advice and tools that will increase your chances of success and happiness.

While our criteria and questions are helpful in guiding your decision-making process, you will still need to decide how to weigh and prioritize them. You won’t make the best company decisions if you haven’t thought deeply about how these factors fit with your personal goals, career stage, and risk profile. 


About RevelOne

RevelOne is a leading marketing advisory and recruiting firm.  We do 300+ searches a year in Marketing and Go-to-Market roles from C-level on down for some of the most recognized names in tech.  For custom org design, role scoping, and retained search, contact us.

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