Your Guide to a Fulfilling Career

24 June 2019

A guide to help you think about what’s important in your career, how to find happiness, and the steps required to get there.

We all deserve to work with people who respect us, invest in our growth, and compensate us fairly. These are the key ingredients for a successful career, but they’re tricky to find in tech, where career paths aren’t linear, companies can grow or fade quickly, and you’re one bad boss away from updating your LinkedIn profile.

RevelOne was founded by marketing execs who have hired and mentored people in companies of every size and stage. We’re passionate about helping people reach their potential and avoid the common pitfalls we’ve seen many people — including ourselves — experience in their careers.

We’ve talked to hundreds of talented marketers, like yourself, and we’ve heard similar challenges again and again from many people. 

Common Challenges from People in Tech Companies

We’re not here to give generic or superficial career advice no lists of “7 Things You Should Never Wear to an Interview.”  Our goal in this series of articles is to go deep into the highly specialized challenges of startups and tech companies.

We’ve talked to top CMOs and leaders about their own career paths and what has made them successful. From this, we’ve developed a guide to help you think about what’s important, how to find happiness, and the steps required to get there.

The RevelOne Career Guide provides frameworks and data related to your goals, skills, compensation, and how to choose a company.

RevelOne Career Guide


About RevelOne

RevelOne is a leading marketing advisory and recruiting firm.  We do 300+ searches a year in Marketing and Go-to-Market roles from C-level on down for some of the most recognized names in tech.  For custom org design, role scoping, and retained search, contact us.

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