Your Network is Your Competitive Advantage

8 June 2019

Insights on how to leverage your network to get advice, develop marketing skills, and increase your chances of finding your next job.

Don’t go it alone. People with a “team” around them are more nimble, learn faster, and are happier. They are also less likely to make major mistakes by learning from others.

Everyone will tell you to “network,” but let’s get specific about why and how.

Why Build a Network?

In his book, “The Alliance,” LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman talks about the importance of external networks for individuals and how companies should encourage them so their employees learn and bring new ideas into the company. And Keith Ferrazzi, in “Never Eat Alone,” shares how connecting people to each other and bringing a spirit of generosity to networking will help you build real and authentic relationships.

Who Should Be in Your Network?

How to Make Your Network Your Competitive Advantage

You should have a broad, “outer ring” of people in your network that you meet at work, conferences, and through your professional network. You can easily keep up with this broader group via social media. 

We think it’s also worth consciously developing and investing in a narrower “inner ring” of people that you think of as your advisory network. This generally includes up to 20 people that fall into one of 3 buckets:

How to Keep in Touch

We’re all busy, so we have to invest in keeping in touch. You should think about keeping a list of your core network and making sure you communicate every quarter or two. If you are the super-structured type, you can use your calendar or a tool like Asana to build a cycle of staying in touch. Mix up your contact strategy with coffee meetings, a phone call, or just an email update. Over time, you’ll be surprised how a little consistency in communication can start to build a shared experience and desire to help each other out along the way.


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