Understand the Value of Your Compensation Package

10 June 2019

Equity is a critical part of your compensation, but it’s also the most complex. Here’s how you should approach equity decisions and a unique tool to help you understand the value of your comp package.

Compensation is both a practical and emotional topic because it touches notions of fairness and self-worth. However, these emotions can produce bad decisions. As a specialized marketing recruiting firm, RevelOne understands the difficulties candidates face when making major career decisions, especially as they relate to money. 

We’ve seen marketers choose jobs based on a few thousand dollars when they might burn years in the wrong role, miss out on a huge equity win, or lose the opportunity to develop key skills. As more evidence of the gender pay gap and other signs of inequality have surfaced, having a thoughtful and data-driven approach to assessing compensation is more important than ever.  

Therefore, we offer some important factors to consider when evaluating an offer. We also provide a tool that can help you understand the exact value of your startup compensation package. 

Important Things to Consider

  1. Think deeply about your personal situation and risk profile.
  1. Negotiating equity sends a positive message to hiring companies because it shows you are aligned with their performance and mission.   
  2. Similarly, shifting some base salary to a performance-based bonus signals confidence in your abilities.

What Is Your Equity Worth?

Equity is a critical part of your compensation, but it is also highly complex and often not well understood. Just knowing the number of options you have is not enough information. You need to know:

Stock Options Value Calculator

RevelOne Stock & Options CalculatorTo help you understand your equity value, we created a downloadable Excel sheet that guides you through the key variables and calculates the value of your options. 

It’s a great tool to use before you accept an offer and be sure to keep it updated after you join a company.

Download Options Calculator

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