What Really Matters to You in Your Career?

22 June 2019

If you’re struggling to understand what matters most to you in your job and career path, ask yourself these important questions.

Are you making career decisions based on what’s really important to you, or are you playing it safe? Do your personal values drive your priorities or are you overly influenced by what others think?

You’ve probably been to a party where you talked to someone you barely knew about your job.  Did you have a feeling of pride or an insecure twist in your gut? That person might walk away and never think about you again, so why does someone else’s perceived reaction affect us this way?

When we haven’t thought about what really makes us happy, we default to chasing titles, status, or money, and we’re more likely to worry about the reactions of others. This often leads to a nagging sense that we’re not on a fulfilling path. 

To understand what really matters to you, you need to think about the bigger questions. Here are a few “big picture” resources that are a good starting point:

While the above frameworks are amazing at the level of life philosophy and can apply to everything you do, we wanted to get more pragmatic with specific career questions. To do this, we created a career self-assessment guide. 

RevelOne Career Self-Assessment Guide

1. What motivates you most in a job?

2. What are your superpowers?

3. What kinds of roles and activities made you happiest?

4. Do you like to be more of a specialist or generalist?

These questions are meant to tap into your authentic reactions to help you understand exactly what makes you happy in your career. You can test opportunities against these factors and they may point you in the direction of trying a new type of role or environment. 

We also recommend that you explore our article on How to Decide Which Company is Right for You and How to Find Your Culture Fit.  All in all, we recommend that you try to put title and status aside, and keep yourself open to opportunities that are the most meaningful for you.


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