RevelOne Marketing Org Chart for B2C E-Commerce

Use the RevelOne Marketing Org Chart to know how to structure your B2C E-commerce marketing team.

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Designing the right marketing org chart requires careful consideration of not just the business’ needs today, but what they will look like in 12-18 months. It takes time to find the right marketers, based on both their specialties and fit with the company’s business model and life stage⁠—so you need to make sure to plan ahead. 

There is no one “standard” marketing org chart, but there are some common structures used in the most successful companies. The RevelOne Marketing Org Chart for E-Commerce represents a snapshot of frequently used org design in a well-developed e-commerce business. While not the exact model for everyone, it can be a useful rule of thumb.

A few considerations:

  1. The scope of responsibilities for a brand team and a product marketing team can vary wildly. In this case, we have bundled them together, as many of their responsibilities are often interchangeable.
  2. Not every org splits out CRM separately. Businesses that need a heavy focus on engagement, retention, and loyalty are the ones that most commonly split this out from new user acquisition.
  3. A b2b marketing org will likely have a heightened focus on sales enablement, lead qualification that you see reflected here.

As a marketing focused talent firm, our team at RevelOne is well versed in the various permutations of marketing org charts and are happy to be a resource for you in planning your own.

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