RevelOne Role Framework for E-Commerce

Use the RevelOne Marketing Role Framework to scope key E-Commerce roles for your organization.

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E-commerce Marketing roles are increasingly in demand at both senior and tactical levels. This is largely due to the fact that legacy offline product companies are all making digital a priority, as well as the explosion of new “digital native” DTC brands that are coming to market in virtually every category. This role typically engages users once they reach the site and can be difficult to spec and hire for as there is wide variation in how organizations title these roles and bundle skills.

The RevelOne Role Framework for E-Commerce will help you scope relevant roles for your organization. If this is the first time you are using one of our Role Frameworks, be sure to read our article on how to leverage the RevelOne Role Framework to scope key Marketing roles. Our framework details common role archetypes, information on how to choose role title & level, and how to select role priorities & skills. The E-Commerce Role Framework is your key to effective recruiting and ensuring that the person you hire will be successful. 

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Frameworks for Scoping Marketing Roles

The RevelOne Marketing Role Frameworks are designed to help you think strategically about scoping key roles for your marketing organization.