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Use the RevelOne B2B SaaS Org Chart to know how to structure your SaaS marketing team.

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Designing your B2B SaaS marketing org requires careful consideration of today’s needs as well as the needs of the business in 12-18 months. It takes time to find the right marketers, based on both their specialties and fit with the company’s business model and life stage⁠ – so it’s critical to plan ahead. 


Within B2B marketing, more categories of software have moved down the price curve and are able to be sold directly or “bottom-up” to end-users via self-serve or “light touch” SaaS selling models. This requires a blend of B2B and B2C capabilities with a resulting org design that is different than traditional Enterprise B2B companies with a high price point, longer sales cycle, and a salesperson-driven purchase process (see our B2B Enterprise Marketing Org Chart


There is no one “standard” marketing org chart, but there are common structures used in successful companies. The RevelOne B2B SaaS Marketing Org Chart represents a snapshot of frequently used org design in a well-developed B2B SaaS business. This model can help earlier-stage startups head in the right direction toward a well-designed, fully built-out marketing org for a business at scale.


As a marketing-focused talent firm, our team at RevelOne is well versed in designing marketing organizations and is happy to be a resource for you in planning your own.

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