Your Guide to a Fulfilling Career

You deserve to work with people who respect you, invest in your growth, and compensate you fairly. These are the ingredients for a successful career, but they’re tricky to find in tech, where career paths aren’t linear, companies can grow or fade quickly, and you’re one bad boss away from updating LinkedIn.

RevelOne was founded by marketing, product, and BD execs who’ve hired and mentored people in companies of every size and stage. We’re passionate about helping people reach their potential and avoid the pitfalls we’ve hit ourselves.

We’ve talked to hundreds of you and we hear the same challenges again and again. 

Common Challenges We Hear From You

Stuck in a job you don’t like, but the company is doing well
Don’t know what skills you need to land your next big role
Love your job, but you’re not learning from your boss anymore
 Feeling burned by the randomness of which startups (and marketers) succeed

We’re not here to do generic career advice – no lists of “7 Things You Should Never Wear to an Interview.”  Our goal is to go deep into the highly specialized challenges of startups and tech companies.

We’ve talked to leading CMOs and leaders about their own career paths and what has made them successful. From this we’ve developed a framework for thinking about what’s important to you, what makes you happy, and how to get there.

The RevelOne Career Guide provides insights, frameworks and data around your goals, skills, comp requirements, and how to choose a company.

RevelOne Career Guide

We cover this framework in an email series that you can tailor to where you are in your career thinking (sign up here) and our blog has a section for each area with content and resources we keep updated.

Gary Calega & Dan Weiner
Co-Founders and Managing Partners