We build long term partnerships with investors, CMOs, non-marketing executives, and talent leaders to help build their companies.

RevelOne did an outstanding job of finding people who met our requirements, providing continuous visibility on the pipeline, and refusing to stop until we found our first senior executive marketing leader. They are now helping us hire key roles as we build the marketing function.”

Jason Brown, SVP and GM

RevelOne was a great search and thought partner in building out the growth function at Stitch Fix. I selected them since they are former marketing/product leaders, so we were able to really empathize with both candidates and our team. I would hire them again without hesitation.”

Mike Duboe, Partner at Greylock (former VP of Marketing at Stitch Fix)

We tasked RevelOne with helping us find a top-flight Silicon Valley CMO. Our criteria list was clear - we sought an exceptional leader who could combine high-performance growth with building an iconic, billion-dollar online brand. It was a shortlist of very high-quality people. They ran a thoughtful and structured process that resulted in an outstanding hire.”

Adam Zbar, CEO

RevelOne helped us hire a great CMO who met both Lux Capital's extremely high-quality bar and our nuanced set of skill requirements. RevelOne presented us with exceptional candidates from a diverse set of backgrounds and managed our process effectively across many stakeholders.”

Josh Wolfe, Founder, Managing Director Lux Capital

We rely on RevelOne as the company is led by former marketers who excel at building a pipeline of marketing leaders in difficult markets — where the candidates are not so obvious — and can also run full-stack marketing team build-outs.”

Jason Ewell, Operating Partner

RevelOne helped us recruit and hire our Head of Brand and Head of Acquisition at DigitalOcean. They showed their expertise across both functions and were tough and determined in delivering a large set of great candidates that met our high bars for both skills and culture.”

Tom Berger, VP of Marketing

We selected RevelOne to help us hire multiple key executives at BigCommerce since they had deep networks in marketing and BD, and we valued their experience as operators. Their approach is innovative, transparent, and effective. I would hire them again without hesitation.”

Russell Klein, Chief Development Officer at BigCommerce

We've partnered with RevelOne to scale our Marketing team during a period of rapid growth. They've been a thought partner on key areas of my talent strategy, such as org design, and have provided my team with expertise and have helped us fill several roles with really strong talent at multiple levels of seniority.”

Andrew Silard, SVP of Consumer Marketing

RevelOne has been a great sounding board and partner for me, as we’ve built out our marketing team. Working with them was a true partnership, and the fact that they had experience “walking in my shoes” enabled them to understand my needs and shape my org strategy more effectively than other recruiters. They have helped me bring in talent that meets our unique needs and culture, from manager to VP, and were also a pleasure to work with!”

Megan Hanley, CMO at Forge (former CMO at Freedom Financial)

RevelOne helped us hire our first EVP of Marketing to lead a high-growth team building a world-class consumer brand. They quickly honed in on the mix of brand and performance marketing skills, and delivered one of the top candidates in our space. This role was crucial for our business, and our hire has been an invaluable addition to the executive team.”

Steve Finnern, COO

We were hiring our first Head of Marketing and RevelOne helped us define the role based on our marketing goals. They quickly zeroed in on a curated set of high-quality candidates who also had the right culture fit and passion for our mission, resulting in a fast close. I would hire RevelOne again in a heartbeat.”

Annbeth Eschbach, President and CEO

We hired RevelOne to help us find a player/coach head of marketing. Their marketing experience was helpful with identifying the nuances between candidates, which was very different from what we've seen from other recruiters. They ended up finding a great marketing leader — and faster than expected.”

Connor Young, Founder

RevelOne was a pleasure to work with. Their ability to get non-obvious candidates interested helped me hire a great demand generation leader.”

Sandhya Hegde, VP of Growth

We hire only the best analytic marketers at Credit Karma. RevelOne was an expert recruiting partner who was scrappy and determined in seeing through our tough searches to the end. Highly recommended.”

Mark Fisk, VP of Marketing

RevelOne invests in their relationships with marketing leaders and their success — they placed me at SigOpt as Head of Marketing and then helped me with org strategy and hiring my team. Their service goes far beyond typical recruiters.”

Nick Payton, Head of Marketing & Partnerships

I know RevelOne as both a hiring manager and a candidate and the process was simply outstanding on both sides of the table. I almost never respond to recruiters, but they clearly did their homework before reaching out to me. They found me a terrific opportunity, and after seeing how well they treated me, it was a no brainer to bring them on to build out my new team.”

Jay Moon, VP of Marketing at Credit Sesame (former VP of Marketing at Education.com)

RevelOne not only helped us find top talent across growth, retention and analytics roles, but they actually helped us improve our candidate and internal review process which was extremely impactful.”

Sigal Bareket, Senior Director of Growth Marketing

We engaged RevelOne on a search for the SVP Sales, Americas for a $100M+ SaaS company within the Fortive portfolio and were impressed by the thoughtful partnership in understanding our needs, resulting in a successful (and timely) hire. We also appreciated the depth of market insights provided during the course of the search. Excited to continue the partnership in 2022 & beyond!”

Ricky Romero, Executive Recruiting Lead at Fortive

RevelOne was great to work with. They asked the right questions, got up to speed quickly on the profile we were looking for and adjusted quickly to our feedback. They were efficient during meetings and mindful of everyone's busy schedule to get the most done in a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend RevelOne for future searches and hope to work with them again soon!”

Kelli Hall, Head of Recruiting at Enova

I can't say enough about the strategic value RevelOne provided to support this critical hire for our Sales team. They not only identified and helped qualify excellent candidates - and quickly - but also helped us refine our targeting based on thoughtful consideration for market dynamics and sincere care for our go-to-market needs. We're excited about our future partnership.”

Ryan Vaillancourt , VP of Sales at Revenue.io

RevelUp Success Program Testimonials

Unlike other firms, we don’t stop at the hire. By leveraging our extensive network, insider insights, and own expertise as marketing operators, we support the success of our newly placed executive placements through our RevelUp Success Program.

This is excellent - thank you so much for being a sounding board for my new brand strategy. The RevelUp program is very useful and super helpful as a reference to assist us going forward – very much appreciated. I will keep all your agency recommendations, consultant, and network connection suggestions, and use them as we develop our plan further, and I will keep you in the loop. Thanks again – a GREAT resource!”

CMO, Material Technologies

I am just blown away and extremely grateful for all the knowledge that you've shared with me. You addressed all the challenges and questions I had across app marketing, attribution, and analytics, balancing between brand-building creative and direct response performance campaigns, building out my team, and even what is moving the dial across marketing channels and programs. I am reaching out to our Head of Product right now to let him know more about the platforms you suggested. I will definitely think of you and your team as a resource! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Director Performance Marketer, eCommerce

Wow. I cannot believe the detail around targeting, content, and partnership strategies among other things. It was so great to spend the time with you, this is super helpful. I immediately shared the consultants you recommended with our head of growth too. Thank you, thank you.”

VP of Marketing, SaaS

Incredibly helpful. If I could take you up on the intro to that influencer consultant, that would be lovely. And great calls on that specific promo suggestion! Really helpful insights and this only increases my passion for RevelOne as a partner!”

VP of Marketing, eCommerce

Good advice on Marketing to SMBs and org design, thanks! I would welcome the introduction to that marketing leader in your network. I appreciate this service that you provide.”

VP Marketing and Demand Gen, SaaS

I have to tell you our conversation was transformative for me. Your advice to shift how others internally view me and my team from a budget allocation and operational group to being the company’s center of excellence and thought leader on best practices in promotions and incentives - was huge. Thank you!”

Director of Marketing, Grocery Delivery Service